I’m Still Bitter

On the pro-Hillary blogs, one often sees the term “bitter knitters” to describe those of us who supported her, never switched our support to Obama, didn’t vote for him in November, and remain totally skeptical of his ability to be a successful president. Well, I haven’t knitted anything in more than 30 years, but I’m still bitter!

I never drank the Okool-aid and was – and remain – thoroughly disgusted with him. I saw him as an empty suit who had no problem using the most Obominable tactics, including walking over his own grandmother, to get what he wanted.

Obama never bothered to actually work at any position he has ever held because he’s been too busy climbing the ladder to the next higher position. He wasn’t in the Senate more than the metaphorical two minutes when he began running for president, even though he, himself, admitted he didn’t have sufficient experience for the job.

In a primary campaign rife with his use of sexism and racism, he stole the nomination from the more qualified candidate who actually got more Democratic votes than he did. Of course, he had help from the DNC, which did everything in their power to insure his getting the nomination. This included some truly reprehensible actions. Although he purposely removed his name from the Michigan primary ballot, they gave him all of the uncommitted votes. Worse, they actually took votes cast for Hillary and gave them to him as well. Think of it! You go into the polling booth and make your choice, but someone comes along and decides that your vote should, instead, go to someone else. The mind reels!

You bet I’m bitter because what this means that, essentially, my vote for Hillary in the NJ primary was stolen as well. And it was definitely stolen at the convention when every member of the NJ delegation voted for Obama even though Hillary won the primary in February by 10 points! Obviously, the fix was in!

It’s bad enough when the other party steals votes from your party. But when your own party, the one you’ve supported your entire life, is the one stealing your vote, it’s beyond disgusting!

Now we have BZero in the very position he wanted so badly he lied, cheated, and stole to get it. So, what’s he doing? First off, all the hopium is gone. It’s turned into scare tactics of doom and gloom. Then, there are the excuses. Don’t blame me for the current economic mess, he says. I found it on my desk wrapped in a neat bow when I entered to Oval Office. Say, what?! It’s not as though this situation started on January 19th. The signs were there during the primaries. Hillary had ideas and plans for how to address the problems. And where were his? Uh, uh, uh…. Whenever there was a debate, the moderator somehow managed to repeatedly choose Hillary to answer questions first. Then, the Empty Suit’s answer would always be, “What she said.” In short, the man didn’t have a clue!

So, with the economy in the crapper, the market continuing its downward slide, people losing their jobs in droves (650,000 in February – 4.4 million since December 2007), ONero wants us to cut him all kinds of slack, so instead of getting serious about finding a way out of this, he can spend his time fiddling around, playing hoops with his pals and having fun at those jolly Wednesday parties at the White House. His excuse for the partying? He wants to show that the White House is open to “everybody.” Well, I’m not holding my breath about receiving an invitation to the Wednesday frolics – not that I would consider for one millisecond accepting even if I got one.

It has been obvious to me from the start that he was never interested in the work part of the job, just the title with all the perks and “playthings” that come with it, He’s especially fond of Air Force I, so he gleefully zips around the country at the smallest whim. Signing the StimPorkulus bill in the D.C. White House was way too boring for The One. So much more fun to take the flying White House to Denver and sign the bill at the scene of his coronation. And, by the way, hasn’t he been talking up energy conservation? That trip didn’t exactly strike me as a gas-saving measure.

What we sorely need more than ever now is a president who is a policy wonk, one who is willing to stay at his or her desk, willing to burn the proverbial midnight oil, to come up with solutions that might get us out of this mess. That is definitely not Obama!

Although I’m usually a pretty optimistic person, right now, all I can see in our economic future is Obamagedden.

Bitter? You bet I am!


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