Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Fields at Battleview Orchards, Freehold, NJ

Fresh-picked strawberries. Yum! From mid-May through about the middle of June, it’s NJ strawberries time. Boxes of the delicious fruit picked fresh from New Jersey strawberry patches can be found in country and farm markets. But even better is to pick them yourself.

For many years, I went strawberry picking just down the road from our house at a tiny farm run by the Smith family. But a few years ago, they quit farming, then last year, sold their entire property to a developer and moved to the Midwest.

Now, we do our picking at Battleview Orchards, in Freehold. I say “we” because M has taken to joining me. Battleview offers a 10% senior discount on Mondays and Thursdays. So, on a bright, sunny Thursday, off we went.

Strawberry Picking

After registering, we headed into the designated field. Slim pickings there, but things took a decided upturn when another field was opened, and it didn’t take long for us to fill up our box.

Strawberry Picking
M Searching for the Best Ones

Thinking we had a couple of pounds, we headed over to have our berries weighed.

Strawberry Picking
Our Strawberries Being Weighed

Boy, were we ever poor judges of how much we had! We were shocked when the scale showed that we’d picked more than seven pounds! With the discount, the cost was $21.

We stopped into Battleview’s market to buy some vegetables.

Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Then we headed home where I pondered what exactly to do with our strawberry picking gone wild!

Strawberry Picking

On a second foray into the strawberries fields, we picked about 5 lbs.

Strawberry picking season at Battleview ended this past weekend.


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