Election Day 2009


We vote in New Jersey.

This year, the national spotlight is on us because we are one of only two states (the other is Virginia) in which a governor is being elected. In our case, it’s a question of whether Jon Corzine deserves a second term.

Had I been intending to vote for Corzine, the Obama robo call for Corzine we got yesterday (a sitting president doing robo calls is a first for me!) would have turned me against Corzine since I detest Obama! BUT Corzine had already lost my vote all by himself on the floor of last year’s Democratic Convention.

I usually don’t hold grudges. But not when it comes to my vote. It’s sacrosanct. In last year’s Democratic primary, I voted for Hillary Clinton. She won New Jersey by 10%. But Corzine, with narry a peep of dissent from any of the feckless delegates, decided to hand all the votes to Obama. Essentially, they threw my vote (and, I might add, those of millions of other NJ voters) into the trash. Forget and forgive? Not a chance!

Throw away my vote and you will never get it again!

Obama has come to NJ three times, the last just this past Sunday, to campaign side-by-side with Corzine. And then robo calls. (I got only as far as “Hello, this is President Obama…” before I slammed down the phone.) Although the DNC put out a statement this morning saying this election is about Corzine and not about Obama, seems to me the White House has gone out of its way to make the question of Obama’s influence an issue in our neck-and-neck race.

Christie is a slimeball. But if he wins, I won’t shed a tear because anything that gives Obama even the slightest black eye and sends him the message that he’s not all that is fine with me.

At this point, I’m thoroughly disgusted with both the Democrats and the Republicans. I went the Independent route. I voted for Chris Daggett.


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