Health “Care” from Obama and the Democrats: First, Let’s Kill All the Women!

coat hanger

When it comes to health care for women, seems Obama and the Democrats in Congress have never heard of the doctors’ dictate: First, do no harm!

In the House, the bill that passed with the Stupak-Pitts amendment essentially eviscerates Roe v. Wade. Women of means have always had access to safe abortions. However, Stupak-Pitts will return less affluent and poor women to the days of dangerous back alley or self-inflicted coat hanger abortions. What’s truly sickening is that just about every Democrat who professes to be pro-choice voted for this bill.

For years, Democrats have held the abortion issue over our heads and have warned us that the only way to protect a woman’s right to choose is by voting for pro-choice Democrats. But they’ve turned out to be a bunch of unprincipled back-stabbers!

Their excuse? Obama promised them that Stupak-Pitts will not be in the final bill. Good luck with believing anything that liar says. The anti-choice Blue Dogs will never vote for a final bill unless coverage for abortion services in any way, shape, or form is denied. Presuming the Senate bill passes, after conference, if the final bill passes in the House, it will be because pro-choice Democrats again cave. They’re claiming they won’t. But I wouldn’t bet my house on it.

Women's Health Care

Now, about that Senate bill. It does not cover women’s health services. Period. Harry Reid stripped out the amendment requiring that these services be included in all basic insurance plans. But here’s the kicker. To allow the bill to come to the floor for debate, 60 votes were needed. And sure enough, all 58 Democrats plus the two independents voted in favor. So, all the Democratic women senators, including Barbara Mikulski who authored the deleted amendment, were willing to allow this bill to come to the floor for debate. Good luck if they think that amendment will ever see the inside of this bill again! It’s truly disgusting that women senators with Cadillac health care provided by our tax dollars see nothing wrong with denying ordinary women basic female-related health services.

And then there are the new controversies surrounding the latest recommendations regarding mammograms and Pap tests. How suspiciously convenient that the recommendations have come out just when the health bills are being debated, and the Democrats are trying to find ways to cut the humungous costs. And it’s a sure bet the insurance companies will latch on to these recommendations as an excuse to deny coverage.

In the end, the blame for what’s happening in Congress rests squarely with Obama, the Misogynist-in-Chief, who showed his true colors with regard to women during the primary campaign. He could care less if women’s health is covered or if Roe is eviscerated. Though he may have mouthed the words, I never believed he was really pro-choice. In fact, he was up on the Hill exhorting the House Democrats to vote for the bill with Stupak-Pitts in it.

Obama has shown time and time again that it’s all about him. All he wants is to have a big ceremony in the Rose Garden, sign a bill with the word “health” in the title, and then go around crowing about it. In the words of his Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel (as quoted by Congressman John Conyers), “Give us anything, and we will declare victory.”

Obviously, to Obama and the Democrats, “anything” means sacrificing the health and lives of women.


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