“There’s no way I can finish this one!”

That was my pronouncement regarding last Sunday’s NY Times crossword. M laughed. “You say that every week, and then you finish it.” Not exactly true. I start working on it Saturday evening, fill in what I can, sleep on it, and most of the rest generally falls into place in the morning. But though I often come close, it’s rare that I finish down to the last square.

This one, however, had me stymied. Figuring out the trick almost immediately didn’t help. Working on it off and on Sunday morning, I still only managed to fill in two corner quadrants and bits and pieces of the other two. Most of the center remained blank. No matter how many times I looked at those clues, the answers wouldn’t come. I considered giving up. Instead, I put it aside and came back to it later in the day.

How exactly this happened I haven’t a clue, but slowly, very slowly, I began to come up with a few of the answers that had eluded me. Then, like a cascade, they all fell into place. This puzzle which I was certain I would never be able to finish became one of those few that I finished down to the last box.


Puzzle:  Dec. 6, 2009


2 Responses to ““There’s no way I can finish this one!””

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    Congrats, my sweet!

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Thanks, u.e.! You will recall, I’m sure, that I made the same declaration to you and then, in a subsequent conversation, had to eat my (cross)words. 🙂

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