Here We Snow Again!

Actually, we lucked out in January and managed to avoid any acculmulation from two coastal storms. Got just a dusting during the first and maybe a quarter of an inch from the second. This time, no such luck!

Snowy Scenes of Winter - 2/6/10

The track of this storm took it straight over much of NJ. South of us, Ocean County and down to Cape May got the brunt — more than a foot with blizzard conditions near and along the coast. The tippy top of the state in Sussex County — virtually nothing.

Here in Central NJ, it stopped snowing a few minutes ago. It looks as though we got about 9-12 inches. Hard to tell exactly without going out and measuring. But no way I’m doing that! In any case, this has a familiar look though in December we got about a foot-and-a-half.

A Familiar Snowy Backyard Look - 2/6/10

We had been thinking of going to the ballet in the city this weekend but held off buying tickets because of the forecast. J called and said there isn’t so much as a flake in Manhattan. The township plow has been by a couple of times, but the road is snow covered again. Once they clear it and if our plow guy shows up to clear our driveway, we might see about getting tickets for tomorrow’s matinée of the NYC Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty, a ballet we haven’t seen in ages. J saw it last night and said it was terrific.


One Response to “Here We Snow Again!”

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    A dream! You all have gotten very lucky this year. We just get bouts of dustings that do nothing but keep things mushy, slushy, and gray.

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