Freedom: The Plow Man Cometh!

I have shoveled more snow in my lifetime than I care to remember. Quite a few years ago, I finally gave it up, and I have no intention of ever taking shovel to snow again! M soldiered on, using a shovel for small amounts and tackling substantial snowfalls with our snow blower, which we inherited many years ago from his parents when they moved to Florida. Two years ago, he finally gave up contending with those higher amounts, and that quite ancient snow blower sits idle in our garage.

Now, the guy who mows our lawn in the summer plows us out whenever there is more than a couple of inches. The only negative aspect is that when it comes to major snowstorms such as the one we just had, we are at his mercy since we have to wait for him to clear our driveway so that we can get out of the house. Although the snow ended yesterday in the early afternoon, he didn’t get to us until this morning. Needless to say, we were very pleased to see him!

The Plow Man Cometh - 2/7/10

The Plow Man Cometh - 2/7/10

Freedom is a snow-free driveway. Being on the sunny side of the street helps to melt any snow left after the plowing. Loverly!

Nice Clean Driveway - 2/7/10


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