The NYT Sunday Puzzle Celebrates Super Bowl Sunday

Finished another one! Makes two Sundays in a row! Yippee!

NYT Super Bowl Sunday Puzzle 2/7/10

Rex Parker rated this puzzle medium but medium-challenging for those he describes as “football-illiterate.”

I don’t like football. I find it utterly boring. Plus, some of what takes place on the field seems very stupid to me. For example, once a player is tackled and is down, why do all the others insist on piling on? Perhaps, the answer lies in the psychological view posited in an article I read many years ago (I wish I could find it). The author suggested that many of the behaviors on the football field, such as the piling on and players patting each other on the tush, was a way for these he-men to get away with being touchy-feely without being labeled sissies or gay. Of course, we now know that some of them actually were/are gay. But I digress…

Figuring out that the theme of this puzzle was football terms was easy. And even though football is not my thing, I’m not a total dunce about it. Many years ago, when I was still dating, a guy I was seeing asked me to go to a Jets game at Shea Stadium. I think at that time, Joe Namath was quarterbacking. Since I had no interest whatsoever in football, (baseball was my passion back then, and I remain a Yankee fan though I’m not as into the game as I was then), I haven’t a clue why I agreed to go.

I understand the fundamentals of the game, so by filling in enough boxes, I was able to come up with all the terms. However, there was one I’d not heard of before. A “screen” pass? I’ve since looked it up.


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