So, what was the cause of that thunderous crashing sound I mentioned at the end of yesterday’s post? Perhaps, you have already figured it out. My first thought upon hearing it was that a sheet of icy snow had tumbled from the roof. However, when I flipped on the switch for the patio lights, they didn’t come on. M had joined me in the kitchen. Peering out into the darkness through the sliding doors, we could make out the lines of something massive. I think you can now see where this is heading….

While he went for a flashlight, I ran upstairs to our master bath and hopped into the soaker tub so I could look out through the window and down into the backyard. From there, I could see that a huge tree had fallen from the woods and in the direction of the house. It lay over the 50 feet of snow-covered lawn with its top branches spreading like tentacles at the edge of the patio.

Tim-ber! (1)

Tim-ber! (3)

This is not the first that trees in our woods have fallen. Occasionally, one will fall way back, not affecting us in any way. Twice, trees have fallen so that we had to attend to them. Once, a tree in our neighbors’ woods fell in such a way that half of it landed on our property. And a second time, it was the reverse. However, in both those cases, the trees fell sideways and remained situated in the front of the woods and not making it onto the lawn.

This time, the tree fell in a direction perpendicular to our house. The very good news is that its trajectory managed to miss the house.

Tim-ber!  (4)

The kitchen wall facing the backyard is half windows, so just a little to the right (facing the house from where it fell) and the dinner I was preparing would have been served with a side of tree branches. Yeah, I know! Definitely. Not. Funny! In fact, M commented to me today that if we had been sitting at the table, we would probably have been injured — or worse.

As the tree fell, its upper branches brushed the side of the house facing the patio and in so doing, took down the two spotlights. But not the whole shebang. Somehow, the branches managed to swipe passed the two bulbs, neatly slicing them off so that the screw ends remained inside the fixture which remained affixed to the wall and, from what we can tell, is undamaged. How odd is that?!

Tim-ber! (5)

Tim-ber!  (6)

In the morning, we found the bulbs buried in the snow. One of them had its glass cover still intact.


For now, no lighting on the patio. I think we can manage to live with that since I wasn’t exactly planning any evening dinners al fresco.

In other positive news, while we were still sleeping, our plow guy cleaned our driveway, so we’re good to go!


3 Responses to “TIM-BERRRRRRR!!”

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    @ Wizard: Do you mean “TIM-BRRRRRRRRR? 🙂 I’m glad to hear that you two are okay!

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    @ u.e., Exactly ! 🙂

    M has already spoken with our electrician and with Aspen Tree Service, whom we used before. Aspen will be here within the week to give us an estimate. Not sure exactly when they’ll do the removal. The electrician will do the repairs as soon as the patio is clear enough for him to safely set up a ladder.

  3. Bgut1 Says:

    Good to know that you both are okay.

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