Aspen Tree Service, which has done work for us before, came today to remove the tree that fell during one of last month’s snowstorms.

Aspen Tree Service

Well, we thought it was a tree. Turns out that what actually fell was a humongous branch from a very substantial tree in the front of the woods. The weight of the snow wrenched most of the branch off with only a small jagged section remaining.

Where the Branch Came From

Brian set to work with his saw cutting up the branches and trunk so that they could be carted off to be fed into the wood chipper stationed on our driveway.

Sawing #1

Sawing #2

Sawing #3

Almost Ready to be Cleared

Clearing #1

Feeding the Chipper

Once that was done, Brian rappelled up the tree to saw off the remainder of the branch.

Climbing #1

Climbing #2

Climbing #3

Tidying Up the Tree

He then swung Tarzan-like to the adjacent tree to tidy up the slight damage it sustained from being in the path of the falling branch.


The tree that lost the branch is now properly trimmed.

All Tidied Up

It’s very nice to have our yard and patio back to normal.

Back to Normal


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