NYT Sunday Puzzle 5/9/10: Celebrating Mothers’ Day

This was an easy puzzle. I finished it in under 2 hours — amazing for me!

The clever title, “Ms. Conceptions,” and the name of the Rock Group (104 Across), Mothers of Invention, are broad hints to what this puzzle is all about: a tribute to seven women (and, by extension, many others) who made significant contributions to our lives.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper – Cobol Computer Language
Mary Phelps Jacob – The Modern Brassiere
Nobel Prize Winner Gertrude Elion – Drug for Leukemia
Tabitha Babbitt – Circular Saw
Bette Nesmith Graham – Liquid Paper
Mary Anderson – Windshield Wiper
Ruth Wakefield – Tollhouse Cookie Recipe

The bonus message spelled out by the letters in the circles (which I figured out very early and filled in before most of the complete answers): “Happy Mothers’ Day.”

NYT Sunday Puzzle 5/9/10 - Celebrating Mothers' Day


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