This Old House Gets a Face-lift

Time to have some work done on our 40-year-old house.

First, a new roof. Since this would be the third roof — the original plus the second roof which was laid on top of that one about 20 years ago — both layers had to be removed before the new roof could be put on. The roofer arrived with a mini-platoon. When they ripped off the two layers, only a few sheets of plywood needed to be replaced. They removed the old attic fan, replacing it with a new one. They installed the new roof. It took one day.

Up on the Roof

Up on the Roof

Next, a paint job. The entire house was power washed on a Friday and left to dry over the weekend. The sides and back did not need to be painted. The front cedar shakes, the trim all around, and the front door were given two coats. We didn’t change the colors. All together, it took three days.

A New Coat of Paint

The final leg of the face-lift trifecta: our annual spring clean-up. The severe winter did quite a bit of damage. We replaced a lot of shrubs and added some new ones.

The hedge in front really took a beating. But the guys did a terrific job pruning it back severely so that it looks pretty good. Our landscaper says the holes should fill in.


Trimmed and Mulched

We’ve never had a rose bush before. Love the color! Since we get lots of sun in the front, this should do well.

"Knock Out" Shrub Rose
“Knock Out” Shrub Rose

We put in a lot of new shrubs near the patio.

Putting in the New Shrubs

Our backyard is very shady. These hostas should do well.

New Plantings

New shrubs in this bed: Delaware Valley Azaleas, Alice Oakleaf Hydrangeas, and two others whose names I don’t know.

New Plantings

Now, this old house is looking mighty spiffy!

Lookin' Mighty Spiffy!


2 Responses to “This Old House Gets a Face-lift”

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    Goegeous! Can’t wait to visit!

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    @ u.e, Let us know when your flight will be landing at Newark, and we’ll pick you up! 🙂

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