New from the Ovens at EMP: Their Own Bread!

Several months ago, Chef Humm mentioned to us that there was a new project in the works: bread baked in-house. The breads they were serving came from Pain d’Avignon.  Were they the best breads we’ve had in restaurants? No, but they were o.k. Obviously, for Chef Humm, o.k. wasn’t good enough. Bread that would be, hopefully, as rave-worthy as his cuisine? Who could object?

Well, the bread is here! And as we had hoped, it. is. amazing!

Actually, it’s a roll. Specifically, a butter roll. Small and round, it arrives at the table warm, exuding a fragrant aroma that says, “Eat me!” I taste. The lightly crisp crust houses an interior with a texture that has substance without being heavy. So buttery that one doesn’t really need to add butter. However, the butters at EMP are so wonderful that I couldn’t help myself from adding some, thus gilding the proverbial lily.

Butter Roll

Whimpering with delight, I devour the little pillow.  Then, “Please, sir, I want some more.”* Our captain, Kevin, obliges. Another quickly arrives, and I make fast work of it. That’s it! Since they are served right after the amuses, I have to stop myself from asking for a third lest I leave no room for the main meal that is yet to come. But believe me, it wasn’t easy!

Click here to see all the photos of the meal that includes the new bread.

*Oliver Twist, Chapter 2.


5 Responses to “New from the Ovens at EMP: Their Own Bread!”

  1. joel baumwoll Says:

    Interesting wines. Were these BYO or pairings by the restaurant?

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    @ joel baumwoll, They were paired by the restaurant. EMP’s Wine Director John Ragan is truly a master at selecting the perfect wine to bring out the elements in a dish.

    Since I drink very little, my husband, who loves wine, does pairings though very occasionally, he’ll do a half-bottle.

    EMP does permit BYO. I believe the corkage is $35 per bottle. Not sure if there is a limit.

  3. sickchangeup Says:

    I definitely ordered a 2nd. And buttered them both…

  4. mary beth Says:

    looks heavenly!

  5. joel baumwoll Says:

    John Ragan is a super wine steward!

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