Sunday NYT Puzzle – 3/13/11

Though I finished last Sunday’s puzzle, I was really annoyed with myself for making one really stupid mistake. Today: Perfect!

The theme of the clues is spoonerisms. For anyone unfamiliar with the term, it’s the transposition of initial word sounds. The word was coined after an English clergyman, W.A. Spooner (1844-1936) who was known for such slips.

The clues form a monologue by Rev. Spooner in his new job as a mailman. Thus:
Marrying the Kale (Carrying the Mail)
Most Pastors (Post Masters)
Stair Ramp (Rare Stamp)
Crack Your Pate (Pack Your Crate)
Candle with Hair (Handle with Care)
Raking My Mounds (Making My Rounds)
Ground Howling (Hound Growling)
Trail Muck (Mail Truck)
Better Loxes (Letter Boxes)
Chilled with Fear (Filled with Cheer)

Sunday NYT Puzzle - 3/13/11


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