Oh, Deer!

We had a visitor in our backyard this morning.  Obviously,  looking for something tasty to nosh on.

What's good to nosh on here?

What? The hostas are gone?!  Bummer! 

What?  The hostas are gone?!

Well, Bambi, your pals got there way ahead of you, and our landscaper told us the replacements wouldn’t appeal to you.   

So, moving along….

Moving along....

…let’s give this one a try.

Let me give this a try.

It’s a new plant and  when we thought Bambi was going to start chomping away,  M ran downstairs to chase him off.  I  was still upstairs and could see that after a few sniffs, this plant held no appeal either.  So, I called to M that he didn’t have to go outside.  

When I joined M downstairs at the large double kitchen windows, Bambi was at the edge of the woods staring straight at us. He stood stock still in this pose for several minutes (Hey, I’m ready for my close-up!)…

Ah, Humans!  Interesting!

…and then made his way into the woods.


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