It’s Ba-a-a-ck!

The test post below did not show up when I uploaded it. Still a blank screen.

But as we can all see now, it’s back! I have M to thank for it. He received an email alert about the test post. He clicked on the link there which brought up a page with a list of my latest posts. He then clicked on the link to the test post. Shock of shocks! There was my homepage! It wasn’t formatted properly, but I was able to easily fix that.

The mysteries of computers and cyberspace….

Mega-smooches to M! And thanks to J and to my dear friend and blog mentor u.e., both of whom tried to help solve the problem.


2 Responses to “It’s Ba-a-a-ck!”

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    WHEW! Crisis averted!

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Yes!! I’m so glad it turned out that you were right! 🙂

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