NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 21, 2011

NY Times Sunday Puzzle - August 21, 2011

Titled “Underwater Search,” this puzzle came with a note:

When this puzzle is done, look for a name (hinted at by 37-Down) hidden 17 times in the grid, each reading forward, backward, down, up or diagonally, word search-style.

37 D: 2003 Pixar film – Answer: Finding Nemo. Ergo, the hidden word is nemo. Knowing that made it easier to fill in the major answers since they had to include those four letters in A row. That, in turn, helped fill in surrounding answers.

55A: “The Canterbury Tales” pilgrim. This should have been easy for me since I was an English teacher and have taught it. But it took filling in a few of letters before I could come up with the correct answer: Reeve.

42A: Finnish city near the Arctic Circle. Unless you happen to have been born in Finland, have visited there, or are a geography genius — none of which applies to me — I’m guessing that, like me, you probably haven’t heard of Oulu.

45D: 1972 Bill Withers hit. Never heard of him or the correct answer: Use Me.

It all came down to filling in one letter to finish.* Not having any idea what the right answers were, I just guessed. And as they might say on Sesame Street, “This correctly completed puzzle is brought to you by the letter R.”
126A: Inner tube-shaped – Answer: Toric
103D: Capital of Eritrea – Answer: Asmara

Re:  finding all the nemos.  I searched and searched and searched some more but could only find 16.

*Note:  The August 7th puzzle came down to one letter. Unfortunately, I guessed wrong. Otherwise, this would have been five correctly completed Sunday puzzles in a row.


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