I was tooling along Route 520 when my cell rang. I have a cell mainly for safety reasons, so I rarely use it. And it rarely rings because very few people have the number. When I left the house, M was snoozing, so I thought it might be him calling to find out where I was. But, no, it was J. “Did you feel the earthquake?” “Earthquake? What earthquake?” She explained what had just happened. She works at home as a freelance copyeditor and proofreader. When the quake occurred, she was in the lobby of her building picking up a delivery and didn’t feel anything. The P.G.’s office is on the 40th floor of a building near Penn Station. The building was evacuated. Because the elevators were so jammed, he and his co-workers walked down 40 flights.

When I got home, M told me that as it was happening, he was still snoozing in his recliner. He was awakened by slight vibrations and noticed the chain hanging from a lamp on his desk swinging back and forth. He had actually experienced an earthquake once before in 1965 when he was in the army stationed at Ft. Lewis, in Seattle. (We hadn’t met yet.) That was a major quake emanating from Alaska. He was on the base in a two-story building. The building started shaking.  When they evacuated, he saw telephone poles swaying and felt as though the ground was going to swallow him up. Sounds very scary.

Mother Nature has been rather freaky lately. We’ve had quite a few torrential rainstorms the likes of which we’ve not often seen before. Today, an earthquake. And coming our way this weekend, Hurricane Irene.


2 Responses to “Earthquake!”

  1. ulterior epicure Says:

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re okay. It doesn’t seem to have caused much damage, but it’s always good to hear from the horse’s mouth, so to speak! Having lived in L.A. and Asia for some time, I’ve been in a few earthquakes. Nothing serious, of course.

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Whoa, u.e.! You never told me that you’ve been in a few earthquakes. A few?! Though not serious, still, I’m sure they were very unsettling experiences. The idea that the solid ground beneath one’s feet isn’t so solid, well…. Now, I’m hearing that there’s “earthquake envy” from some in this one’s radius who, like me, didn’t feel anything. I’ll definitely pass!

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