Into the 21st Century

Like going from a horse and buggy with a broken-down nag…

Samsung Flip Phone

(Hanging on by a thread. A chunk of the case cracked off. And NO! I did NOT drop it.)

Samsung Flip Phone

…to a Rolls-Royce!

iPhone 4S


4 Responses to “Into the 21st Century”

  1. Bob G Says:

    Roz – Welcome to the 21st century. You picked an amazing phone. I’ve been using one for the past three years and couldn’t imagine life without it. I assume you bought the new 4S. I just picked one up for my DW and she loves it as well. If by chance you need any assistance (use and apps) please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. My regards to M and the family and a happy and healthy new year.

  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi Bob, Always great to hear from you. The learning curve for driving this new baby — with all her bells and whistles — is a bit steep; nevertheless, I am enjoying using it. M also got one at the same time. He’s ahead of me because he’s gotten a lot of practice on the iPad he bought several weeks ago, so he’s been showing me the iPhone ropes. But I do appreciate your offer of assistance.

    “Shana Tova!” to you, P, and your boys.

  3. ellenost Says:

    OMG! I upgraded the exact same cell phone to an iPhone when Verizon started offering them earlier this year since it seemed as if the “clam shell” was about to break. My mom still has the same Samsung, but she only uses her cell phone in an emergency. I love my iPhone, and I know you will too!

  4. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi ellenost, Great to see you here!

    I actually used the Samsung rarely. Carried it mainly for safety when out alone. Only had 7 contacts listed, all family, and they were the only ones who had the number. So, I was really surprised when the first small chunk cracked off the case several months ago. More and more tiny pieces kept cracking off until….

    The P.G. just upgraded his iPhone to the 4S, and J is probably going to trade in her Blackberry for one. Then, we’ll be an all-4S family.

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