NYT Sunday Puzzle – October 30, 2011

NYT Sunday Puzzle - October 30, 2011

Title: Hollywood from Right to Left

I didn’t have too much trouble figuring out the trick to the theme answers. It involves changing an “R” to an “L” in a movie’s title with the result being a kooky title. Thus…

23A. One of St. Peter’s heavenly duties? = Angel Management
42A. “Snakes on a Plane,” e.g.? = Scaly Movie
52A. What a lazy mover prefers to carry? = The Light Stuff
67A. Workout class on a pleasure cruise? = Pilates of the Caribbean
88A. Unbelievable court infraction? = Fantastic Foul
96A. Cabby’s nonstop patter? = Taxi Drivel
119A. Guests at a Hatfield/McCoy marriage ceremony? Wedding Clashers

It didn’t take me too long to finish the puzzle. Getting it perfect came down to just one letter. For the 4-letter answer to 92A. Mouselike animal, I was first thinking mole, but it really isn’t a mouse. Filling in the surrounding answers, the first three letters were V-O-L. Hmmm…. For the 3-letter answer to 93D. Mendes of “Hitch,” I had the two last letters, V-A, but wasn’t sure if her name was Ava or Eva. I correctly guessed EVA, and the animal is a VOLE.

21A. She was beheaded by Perseus. My knowledge of Greek mythology isn’t what it should be. At first, I was thinking Medea but, of course, that’s one letter too short. Correct answer: Medusa.
108A. “Shakespeare in Love” star. The 6-letter answer couldn’t be Paltrow but maybe Gwynth? Correct answer: Fiennes (Joseph, brother of Ralph).
123A. Appropriate. How you pronounce it makes all the difference. In this case, in the last syllable, it’s a long “a.” Correct answer: Seize.
2D. Classical Italian typeface. Correct answer: Arno. So, it’s not just a river in Florence. Who knew?
5D. Daughter of Loki. My knowledge of Norse mythology is even less than Greek. According to Wiki, Loki is a Norse guard whose daughter presides over the region bearing her name. Correct answer: Hel.


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