Chanukah 2011

Chanukah 2011

In the window
Where you can see the glow
From my menorah
On newly fallen snow.
I will set there one little candle
On this the first night of Chanukah.

In a Father’s Day post about my Dad, I mentioned that in addition to being a CPA with his own practice, he had a partnership in Reena Records, a company that produced records containing stories and songs about Jewish holidays.

Chanukah 2011

He would sometimes take me along to the studio, and it was fun watching the records being recorded. I no longer have a phonograph on which to play old 33-1/3 records, but pack rat that I am, I still have some albums which I’ve kept for nostalgia’s sake.

Chanukah 2011

Chanukah 2011

Chanukah 2011

The repertoire of Chanukah songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English includes those that are fun and spirited, others that are lovely and poignant.

“Maoz Tsur”
“Hanerot Halalu”
“Al Haniseem”
“Mee Yimalel”
“S’veevon Sov Sov Sov”
“Chanukah Chag Yafeh”
“Mee Zeh Hidleek?”
“Chanukah, Oy Chanukah”
“Oh, Ihr Kleyneh Lichtelach”
“Dreidl, Dreidl, Dreidl”

While in Hebrew school at the Downtown Talmud Torah on the Lower East Side, I participated in many musical productions. After being in the chorus and appearing in supporting roles, I was finally assigned the lead in the last play in which I performed. It was an all-female Chanukah production, and I was Judah Maccabee!

We will be doing our Chanukah dinner on Friday.*

Chanukah 2011

*Addendum: Our Chanukah dinner was wonderful. M and I were joined by J, the P.G., my brother, his wife, and her mom, who is also my close friend and longtime interior designer. Everyone raved about my food, and the gluten-free brownies J made from scratch were fantastic!

Potato Latkes

To see all the photos from this Chanukah dinner, Click here.


4 Responses to “Chanukah 2011”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Happy Chanukah to you & your family!! God bless. After the new year, I PROMISE we will get together. This whole holiday season really is very sad, as this is the first year without my father. Your blog always bring a smile to my face and I am sure many others!! 🙂

    All of my love always!


  2. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi, Eileen!

    I’ve been thinking of you, so it’s great to hear from you. I understand exactly how you feel about this first holiday season without your father. I remember the first Passover without my Dad. Very strange and sad. It does get easier as the years go by, believe me. But I am flattered that my blog makes you feel better.

    Whenever you are ready to get together, just shoot me an email, and we’ll make it happen.

    Merry Christmas (as much as it can be)! And my sincerest best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful and healthy 2012! 🙂

  3. nmprisons Says:

    Happy Chanukah, Roz! This is a wonderful post. A few years back I found my grandfather’s collection of Yiddish records and your story brought back wonderful memories of him. Thank you.

    I hope you have a joyous holiday and wonderful new year.

  4. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi, Adam!

    Thanks for the compliment. Holidays do tend to make me nostalgic, so I’m glad this post brought back lovely memories for you as well.

    Happy Chanukah to you and Julia! And congrats on your upcoming marriage! I’m sure 2012 will be an especially wonderful year for the two of you!

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