Happy New Year!

Greetings on this, the first day of 2012!

As I mentioned in my post looking back at 2011, unlike last year when we were in New York and rang in the New Year at Eleven Madison Park, this year, we are in NJ and last night did the same old, same old: Fondue.

Beef Fondue

When we got married in 1968, fondue was all the rage. Everyone we knew had a fondue pot and accessories.  It was fun getting together with other couples. I actually have two pots, one of which I got with supermarket Green Stamps, and one year, we hosted a New Year’s Eve fondue party for 8 people.

Then, we started a tradition doing the New Year’s Eve fondue with my closest friend, her husband, and our children (their two boys and J). That lasted until J and their older son were in their early teens and no longer interested in spending New Year’s Eve their parents. Quel surprise!

Since M and I had become interested in fancy food, we started a new New Year’s Eve tradition — a fancy-ish dinner for two at home. We might start the meal with seared scallops, have a main course rack of lamb or magret de canard with suitable accompaniments, and end with a soufflé. This went on for a number of years until we gave it up in favor of going back to fondue, just for the two of us. It’s fun and a lot less work for me.

As we “fondued” last night, we listened to the final two selections on WQXR’s Classical Countdown. As expected, No. 1 was Beethoven’s “Ninth,” which has been the case for the past several years. (Beethoven’s “Fifth” was No. 2 again.) The “Ninth” finished just before the stroke of midnight. We watched the ball drop, had dessert, and then settled down to watch The Social Network. As has frequently happened on past New Year’s Eves during our chosen film, I saw the beginning and dozed through most of the rest, awaking just in time to see the final scene. Well, we do own the dvd, so I can watch it another time when I’m more wide awake.

Happy New Year!

To see all the photos from our New Year’s Eve fondue, Click here.


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