NYT Sunday Puzzle – January 1, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - January 1, 2012

Title: Addendum

I figured out the theme quite easily. The sound of “um” is added to the last word in each of the major answers creating a jokey expression.

18A. Pool boy’s “Watch this!” comment? = See if I carom.
23A. High-mounted window you can’t stop looking at? = Hypnotic transom
32A. Part of a watch touching the breastbone? = Stem to sternum
46A. “You don’t have to look busy to be busy,” e.g.? = Office maxim
59A. Pill that relieves computer-related anxiety? = Silicon Valium
71A. Inhuman group of golfers? = Brute foursome
81A. Sultan’s wife, perhaps? = Head of harem
99A. Jungle king’s jeans and overalls? = The lion’s denim
110A. Ennui among quantum physicists? = Particle boredom
116A. Dessert delivered over the internet? = Pie a la modem

All rather clever, I think.

Several literature-related clues;
87A. “l984” superstate. Answer: Eurasia
106.A Twelve Oaks neighbor. Answer: Tara (Gone with the Wind)
29D. Best-selling author who wrote,” I did not write it. God wrote it. I merely did his dictation. Answer: Stowe (Harriet Beecher, author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin)
50D. _____ Quijano (Don Quixote’s real name). Answer: Alonso

48D. Homme’s partner. Knowing French made this easy. Answer: Femme

2D. Jimi Hendrix’s debut single and 26A. Steely Dan’s album featuring “Deacon Blues” cross each other and were the final two answers I needed to complete the puzzle correctly. My knowledge of the music by these two men is exactly zero. I was able to fill in the surrounding answers but that left one open letter which would complete those two answers. Though it was pretty much a guess, the letter that made the most sense to me was “J.” Turned out to be a good guess. Correct answers: 2D. Hey Joe/ 26A. Aja

Off to a fine start in 2012.


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