Standing Up Against Bigotry

J.C. Penney’s announcement that they had hired Ellen DeGeneres to be their spokesperson should have been just another passing notice on the business pages. But not so for a group known as One Million Moms. These women were upset and called on Penney – actually, tried to bully Penney would be more accurate – to dump Ellen. Why? Because she’s – GASP! – gay. Claiming that Ellen being Penney’s spokesperson would be “offensive to the majority of Penney shoppers,” they urged shoppers to contact Penney and demand that this decision be reversed.

Penny’s response was swift and firm: Ellen stays!

The response from Penney shoppers was equally swift: Applause for Penney!

Women bombarded the Moms’ Facebook page stating their intention to continue shopping at Penney. Some even said they would now purposely start shopping there.

Penney was also bombarded with messages — not of denunciation but of support. I’m an occasional Penney’s shopper. (Truth be told, I’m an occasional shopper in general because I hate to clothes shop. But not to digress…) As soon as I heard about this, I emailed Penney to congratulate them for not  knuckling under to these bigots.

Turns out, the “One Million” Moms have kind of exaggerated their numbers. They’ve only got about 40,000 members. Ellen has more than 9 million followers on Twitter.

Here is Ellen’s terrific response to these hate-filled women. In her closing comment about her values, she speaks for me!


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