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NYT Sunday Puzzle – April 8, 2012

April 11, 2012

Yikes! Another perfectly completed Sunday puzzle. This makes five in a row. Definitely a record!

NYT Sunday Puzzle - April 8, 2012

Title: In-Nuendos

This was another one of those cases where after I finished, I couldn’t figure out what the title meant since the answers to the major clues didn’t have any obvious connection to it. I checked Rex Parker, but his explanation still left me clueless. So, I checked Wordplay, the NY Times puzzle blog. The explanation there used one of the major answers as an example, which gave me that “Aha!” moment.

Each of the major answers has circles in several of the squares. The letters in those squares form the first word joined by “IN” to another word or several words that make up a common expression or well-known title. It relates to the major answer which turns out to have no relation to the clue. OY! Complicated and ingenius.

22A. 1997 Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones flick = African American (Men in Black)
36A. Preventive measure, proverbially = It’s told using a watch (Stitch in Time Saves Nine)
51A. Headstone phrase = Treaty result (Rest in Peace)
69A. Lurid 1979 film about John Dillinger’s girlfriend, with “The” = Color for Valentine’s Day (Lady in Red)
88A. “To be on the safe side…” = Judges Matter (Just in case)
101A. Golf ace = The loneliest number (Hole in one)
121A. One who looks friendly but is not = Wool facetiously (Wolf in sheep’s clothing)