NYT Sunday Puzzle – April 22, 2012

Sunday puzzles don’t get much easier than this one. I started it Saturday evening in NJ, worked on it for about 45 minutes, and finished it in about 15 minutes on Sunday morning in NYC.

NYT Sunday Puzzle, April 22, 2012

Title: Letting Go Of

It didn’t take much to figure out the theme. Answers to the major clues omit the word “of” from common expressions

23A. Diet? = Battle the Bulge
31A. Be very successful at fishing? = Land plenty
37A. Do a clerk’s work at a morgue? = Book the dead
50A. Throw large bank notes around? = Cast thousands
67A. Take advantage of good Samaritans? = Milk human kindness
86A. Forge some personal notes? = Doctor letters
94A. Outdo one’s buddies? = Best friends
103A. Be a sadistic masseuse? = Pound flesh
118A. Send for a special bridal accessory? = Order the garter

Some other answers:
1A. Spiderwoman? Answer: Arachne.  In Greek mythology, the goddess Athena turned the human Arachne into a spider.
22A. Wife of Alexander the Great. Answer: Roxana. News to me.
79A. Bathroom fixture. Answer: Bidet. Not commonly found in US bathrooms.
105D. Animal or vegetable fat, e.g. Answer: Ester.


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