NYT Sunday Puzzle – May 6, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - May 6, 2012

Title: A-V Club

I got the meaning of the title immediately: Two-word answers, the first word beginning with “A,” the second with “V.” But filling in the puzzle was a whole other kettle of proverbial fish. When I started, it didn’t look promising. But this was one of those puzzles where I could hardly get anything at the beginning but slogging away at it, and not giving into the urge to give up, brought the ultimate successful result.

23A. Have, say = Auxiliary Verb
38A. They’re likely to blow = Active Volcanoes
46D. Some succulents = Aloe Veras
50D. Brandy, for one = Aqua Vitae
65A. Not seeing eye to eye = At Variance
68A. End of the main part of the Constitution = Article VII
89A. Electrical pioneer = Alessandro Volta
114A. Common houseplant with colorful blooms = African Violet


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