NYT Sunday Puzzle – May 13, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - May 13, 2012

Title: Indies

As they might say on Sesame Street, “Brought to you by the sound of the letter D.” That sound is added to one of the words in the theme answers which produces a silly phrase.

23A. Slogan for medical marijuana activists? = Weed shall oversome
36A. Persians who protect their feet? = The shod of Iran
50A. Entitlement to cross the stream first? = Right of wade
69A. “If you can’t bhave on this tour, I swear you’ll be sorry!”? = No more mister nice guide
88A. Big part of the dairy business? = Cheese trade
104A. Lost subject of a hit Beatles tune? = Wandering Jude
115A. Clothing-free version of the national pastime? = Whole nude ballgame

While I got the theme straight off, it was a struggle to finish this puzzle.

Some answers were easy:

79A. Hunt’s co-star on “Mad About You.” Answer: Reiser (Paul)
66A. It was published four years before “Moby-Dick.” Answer: “Omoo”
114A. Vietnam Veterans Memorial designer. Answer: Lin (Maya)
62D. “Tristm Shandy” novelist. Answer: Sterne (Laurence)
105D. Cary of “Robin Hood: Men in Tights.” Answer: Elwes. Even though I haven’t seen the movie, I have heard of him. My problem was getting the spelling right.

Some answers totally stumped me:

19A. Mark who won the 1998 Masters. Answer: O’Meara. I used to follow the game but stopped well before ’98.
57A. Start of a “White Album” title. Answer: Obladi. Of course, I know this Beatles song, but I didn’t know that it was in that album.
33D. “Kubla Khan” river. Answer: Alph. I last read the poem too long ago to remember.
58D. Car in “Gone in 60 Seconds.” Answer: Porsche. Of course, I know the car, but I’d never heard of that movie.
103D. Dead Sea Scrolls writer. Answer: Essene

Once I got them, answers that made say, “Duh!”:

1A. One waiting in France? Answer: Garcon. I do speak French yet for some reason, this answer eluded me until the very end.
82A. Largest campus of Long Island Univ. Answer: C.W. Post

Answers that really annoyed me:

99A. Play double Dutch, say. Answer: Skip rope. When I grew up on the Lower East Side, we jumped rope.

123A. Feminine suffix. Answer: Euse. I wasn’t thinking along the lines of words like “chanteuse” and “masseuse.” Obviously, the puzzle constructor was.

Two clues in this puzzle refer to the Beatles. The Puzzle Genius is a huge Beatles fan. P.G., these are for you!


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