Summer’s Unofficial Arrival: Bring on the Franks!

The Memorial Day Weekend marked the unofficial start of summer. We spent the first part of it – actually, Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning – in Philadelphia. (More about that in an upcoming post.) Sunday afternoon and Monday, we lazed around the house.

The weather certainly was summery!

Memorial Day 2012

Too hot and muggy to sit outside or eat on the patio. Just as well because we hadn’t had our spring clean-up yet and everything was a mess.

Franks are a very seasonal item for me. I make the first ones on Memorial Day and stop serving them after Labor Day.

Last year, I started buying Hebrew National “Specials” for the two of us instead of regular thin franks. They’re about 4 oz. each (great for portion control) and very meaty. We dispense with the buns (fewer calories).

Hebrew National "Specials"

We always top our franks with deli mustard and sauerkraut. I use Batampte New Kraut

Hebrew National "Special" with Mustard and Sauer Kraut

Franks and baked beans go together like… Well, you know. I prefer the vegetarian-style. I used to use Heinz, but several years ago, it seemed to me they changed the recipe since there was suddenly a difference in the flavor that didn’t appeal to me. So, I tried both Busch’s and B&M and like them both.

Baked Beans

I also like cole slaw as a side and always make my own using a mayonnaise-based dressing.

Homemade Cole Slaw

Of course, pickles are a must. I usually buy Batampte Garlic Sours. However, at ShopRite, I came across Golden Taste Half Sours in the kosher section and decided to try them. They’re actually greener than half sour and turned to be excellent.

Sauer Kraut, Pickles, and Mustard


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