Spring Clean-up 2012

We had our spring clean-up two weeks ago. For two days, our landscaper’s crew pruned, cleaned, edged, and mulched.

Spring Clean-up 2012

We loved the unusually warm winter. But so did the weeds. Flourishing, they took over the front beds and became taller than the smaller plants and shrubs.

Spring Clean-up 2012

If only the deer loved weeds. But, no! They preferred to by-pass them and munch, instead, on a plant we had put in last spring. We didn’t realize it had been feasted on because it was hidden by the weeds. Its replacement, a blue fescue, is not a deer favorite.

Spring Clean-up 2012

The front bed all prettied up:

Spring Clean-up 2012

Day lilies add a lovely splash of color.

Day Lilies

On the left side of the house, two shrubs put in last year didn’t fare well despite the temperate winter.

Spring Clean-up 2012

Their replacements:

Spring Clean-up 2012

The backyard beds were a mess, but all the plants and shrubs we put in last year were in good shape. Older ones were fine as well. It all just needed to be spruced up.

Spring Clean-up 2012

Time to put up the umbrella and be ready for al fresco dining.

Spring Clean-up 2012

To see the entire set of spring clean-up photos, click here.


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