July 4, 2012 – At Home

A lovely day spent with J. and the P.G. It rained very early in the morning.  But then the sun came out around 9 a.m. remained out the entire day, and the possible thunderstorm predicted for the evening happily never materialized.

Our tradition on July 4th is franks and baked beans for lunch. It wasn’t too beastly hot, so we ate on the patio.



Watermelon was a refreshing dessert.


We had dinner indoors. The menu: hamburgers, Missouri-style baby back ribs, NJ corn on the cob, and “Clairmont Diner Health Salad.”




In honor of the occasion, dessert was red, white, and blue: strawberries and blueberries with homemade strawberry and buttermilk ice creams.


I also baked cookies. The recipe for these “Saturday Night Meringues” is in Maida Heatter’s Brand-New Book of Great Cookies (published in 1995). They’re gluten-free.


To see all the photos from our July 4th lunch and dinner, click here.


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