NYT Sunday Puzzle – July 8, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - July 8, 2012

Title: Make the Change

Theme: I easily figured out the answers to the theme clues, common expressions where DE is substituted for the word THE, thus forming silly expressions. However, I was stupidly clueless as to how the title was related. I checked Rex Parker. His substitute, Pam the Puzzler, was just as clueless. One of the commenters supplied the explanation. Make THE change. Duh!!

22A. So happy you can’t see straight? = Blinded by Delight
34A. Argument about a fork-tailed bird? = Swallow Debate
50A. Circle above the airport? = Put off Descent
70A. Making one’s way down the corporate ladder? = Going Through Demotions
88A. Breed hatred in? = Teaching to Detest
110A. Womean who’s the very best at saying no? = Queen of Denial
122A. Really enjoy giving specifics? = Live to Tell Detail

Some interesting answers:

18A. Capital city formerly behind the Iron Curtain. Answer: Tirane. Even though I’m pretty good at geography, I’d never heard of this city – the capital of Albania.

30A. “Sk8er ___,” 2002 top 10 hit. Answer: Boi. Never heard of it. Via Wiki, written and sung by Avril Lavigne. Never heard of her either. A YouTube video confirmed that it’s definitely not my kind of music.

49A. Bear’s cry. This was in the last unfinished section and had me going. I kept thinking of the animal. The double “L” for the last two of the four letters was correct, so I wrote in “yell.” But the “y” wouldn’t work. It finally dawned on me. This this “bear” is on Wall Street. Answer: Sell. Too clever!

Two Yankees-related clues:

14D. Old Yankee nickname. Answer: The Babe (Ruth)
55A. Manager with four World Series titles. Answer: Joe Torre

Two clues about movies, neither of which I’ve seen:

105A. Ed Wood player in “Ed Wood.” Answer: Depp (Johnny)
107A. “Steel Magnolia” actress. Answer: Parton (Dolly).


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