NY Times Puzzle – Thursday, July 12, 2012

NY Times Puzzle - Thursday, July 12, 2012

Theme:  Between Two Hard Choices

The answers to the main clues are expression for having to decide between two unenviable choices.

24A. With 37-/46-Across, difficult things to be “between” = The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
3D. With 30-Down, difficult things to be “between” = A Rock and a Hard Place
10D. With 33-Down, difficuolt things to be “between” = Scylla and Charybdis

I ran into a little difficulty with 10D. I got “Charybdis,” so I knew what the other part of the expression was but couldn’t remember how to spell “Scylla.” The second “l” and the “a” came easily, but the rest stumped me. I got the correct spelling by filling in the other answers in that section of the grid.

9A. “Give me _____” I kept thinking “a break.” But one too many letters. And besides, I knew the answer to 12D. Close in Hollywood = Glenn. Correct Answer: “a Sign.”

16A. Strand in the water? Answer: Ecoli Hmmm….

19A. Former Baby Bell. Answer: Nynex. Easy.

21A. Dion who didn’t sing with the Belmonts. I got stuck because I was thinking Dion as a first name. The light bulb finally went off. Answer: Celine. Tricky!

Other interesting answers:

9D. Source of the line “Each of us bears his own Hell.” Answer: Aeneid.

11D. Ancient land SE of Lesbos. Answer: Ionia

37D. “The forbidden fragrance.” Answer: Tabu

44D. Four-time Pro Bowler ______ Samuel. Answer: Asante


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