NYT Sunday Puzzle – August 12, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - August 12, 2012

Title: The Meaning of It

The theme answers are common expressions containing the word “it.” Because of the cute way the clues are phrased, the answers are double entendres.

22A. “Talking isn’t going to reseal that wine bottle!” = Put a cork in it!
25A. “Quit trying to make a paper doll by ripping the paper!” = Cut it out!
25A. “I can see why shoppers avoid this off-brand white bread!” = It’s no wonder!
36A. “I already know my homemade cold cream is useless!” = Don’t rub it in!
38A. “So, you finally got the gist of that Stephen Hawking book!” = It’s about time!
63A. “Of course this car isn’t voice-controlled!” = It goes without saying!
88A. “This tippy Christmas tree is driving me crazy!” = I can’t stand it!
91A. “Stop dillydallying and use your boarding pass!” = Get on with it!
104A. “How dare you climb a barbed-wore fence wearing my sweater!” = That tears it!
106A. “I’m in a hurry to see that bug squashed!” = Step on it!
110A. “Yeah, I’m asking for people’s impression of this inkblot – so?” = What’s it to you?!”

I figured out the theme quite easily. Once I had it, getting the theme answers was also easy.

Some interesting answers:

11A. “Star Trek: T.N.G.” character Geordi ________. Answer: La Forge. I watched the original “Star Trek” series when it was first broadcast on t.v. in the 60’s.  (Yeah, I’m that old!) My brother and I were big fans and would watch it together. (I was in my 20’s, not married yet, and living with my parents.) However, I’ve never seen T.N.G.

75A. Wood nymph. Answer: Dryad.

78A. Peabody Essex Museum city. Answer: Salem.

31D. Binary star in Cetus. Answer: Mira.

37D. Shirley who sang “Goldfinger.” Answer: Bassey. I saw the film when it came out in 1964. Here’s the opening sequence where she sings the title song:

52D. Besieged city during the Spanish Civil War. Answer: Oviedo

73D. “Speed-the-Plow” playwright. Answer: Mamet (David).

97D. John who wrote “Appointment in Samarra.” Answer: O’Hara. I was a huge fan of John O’Hara and have read all his books. His From the Terrace was made into one of my favorite movies starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.


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