“Do I dare to eat a peach?”*

New Jersey Peaches 2012

Yes! I adore peaches! Without a doubt, my favorite fruit. But they do pose a slight problem for me. I can’t eat them out of hand because the skin makes my throat feel fuzzy. The easy solution, of course, is to peel them. (No problem, though, if the peaches are cooked.)

While it’s true that one can now get peaches all year round, for me they remain a seasonal thing —  a summer fruit. So, I wait with eager anticipation for the arrival of the New Jersey peach crop. The aroma of a ripe peach, the sweet flavor and juiciness… Heavenly!

I love having peaches with cottage cheese and sour cream for breakfast. Sometimes, I add some blueberries.

New Jersey Peaches 2012

Peach salsa and grilled Sockeye salmon are a fabulous combination.

New Jersey Peaches 2012

I had a little puff pastry dough left left over from when I made a tomato tart, so I used it to make a very small peach tart.

New Jersey Peaches 2012

The New Jersey peach season is winding down. Too soon, they will be gone.

Click here to see the entire New Jersey Peaches 2012 photo set.

*Note: This line comes from the T.S. Eliot poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.”


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