NYT Thursday Puzzle – October 18, 2012

NY Times Puzzle - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Theme: Flipped Expressions

It’s been a very strange puzzle week for me. Problems completing Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s but practically sailed through this one and got it all right.

The four theme answers are common expressions but flipped so that the first part is at the end thereby creating something silly.

17A. Bit of riding gear on a truck’s flatbed? = Saddle in the back
28A. Evidence of some marksmanship? = Hole in the ace
37A. Lighting director’s woe? = Dark in the shot
59A. Diagnosis for a stoned viper? = Grass in the snake

Some interesting answers:

7A. Oscar winner who appeared in a Snickers ad. Answer: Joe Pesci. I don’t recall seeing that ad. He won his Best Supporting Oscar for Goodfellas. I’ve never seen it.

55A. Novelist Mary _____ Russell. Answer: Doria. Never heard of her. Via Wiki, she’s Italian, a converted Jew, holds a PhD. in biological anthropology from the University of Michigan, and writes historical fiction. .

7D. Acress/country singer Kramer. Answer: Jana. Someone else I’ve never heard of. Acc. to Wiki, she had a role in the t.v. series “One Tree Hill,” and her music career started in 2010 with a song entitled, “Why Ya Wanna.”


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