Back to Blogging…

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that the blog has been dormant for nearly two months. Maybe you’ve been wondering why (or maybe not). Well, I’m pleased to report that my absence was not caused by a physical problem as was the case during my four months’ silence in 2009. Nor have there been any health-related issues. However, since that last post on my birthday, there has been some unexpected drama in our lives. Events have kept me busy with little time or, to be honest, inclination to blog. Things have now settled down, so during the next few weeks, I’m going to try to catch up on what’s been happening.


5 Responses to “Back to Blogging…”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Hi Roz! I am so glad you posted this. Just yesterday I said to George, “I have to send an email to Roz to wish her a Happy Hanukkah! I am so late!” Then, I check my email and see this new post! I have not been much on chowhound, but I was thinking of you, your husband, daugher and son-in-law!

    I will catch up soon and send you an email!! So glad to hear you are doing well!! 🙂 God bless!

    Hope you Hanukkah was filled with love and lots of gift cards to restaurants we actually would go to!! hee hee


  2. Foody4life Says:

    Welcome back! Missed reading your posts here and on CH and was just thinking about you last week.

    Hope your Holidays have been filled with good food and good cheer!

    All the best for the coming year.

  3. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi Eileen,

    Great, as always, to hear from you! Thanks for the Chanukah wishes! As you may have seen from the post I did immediately following this one, we had a lovely dinner.

    My very best wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy, and safe New Year! 🙂

  4. thewizardofroz Says:

    Hi Foodie,

    Thanks so much for posting. I truly appreciate that you follow my blog.

    As far as CH goes, the fact is, I’m totally done with it.

    I sincerely hope this holiday season is a happy one for you and yours and wish you the best in 2013! 🙂

  5. david Says:

    welcome back roz! you were missed. david

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