NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 2, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 2, 2012

Title: Lo and Behold!

In each of the theme answers, the letters LO are added to one of the words in familiar phrases turning them into silly phrases.

23A. Consideration in choosing a diet? = The lox factor
28A. Part of a butcher’s stand-up routine? = Loin joke
35A. Laundry basket of just colors or just whites? = Classified load
46A. Wise lawmaker most likely to be reelected? = Favorite solon
61A. Artistic expression on the slopes? = Slalom dancing
67A. Causing Election Day delay? = Slowing voters
84A. Chart indicating the progression of darkness after sunset? = Gloaming table
93A. Power in Hollywood? = Director’s clout
113A. When there might be a two-for-one special on ice cream drinks? = Float Tuesday


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