NYT Sunday Puzzle – December 9, 2012

NYT Sunday Puzzle - December 9, 2012

Title: Last Name First

In each of the theme answers, a famous name is reversed thereby creating an appropiately response to the clue.

22A. Entry in a metal worker’s personnel planner? = Weld Tuesday
24A. Roast a red-breasted bird? = Cook Robin
28A. Pounds and pence? = London Jack
34A. What misbehaving kids must have inherited from their parents? = Wilder Gene
44A. Napoleon, e.g., prior to exile? = French Victor
54A. Fishing spear? = Bass Lance
74A. Moocher’s most valuable acquaintance? = Rich Buddy
83A. The Salt, in Arizona? = Phoenix River
90A. Coffee from Big Sky Country? = Montana Joe
100A. Smarmy preprandial blessing? = Slick Grace
107A. Official seal on a Havana cigar? = Cuban Mark
108A. Beverage made by squeezing fruit-filled cookies? = Newton Juice


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