NYT Sunday Puzzle – October 28, 2012

(Note: During my recent absence, I completed three Sunday puzzles correctly. The other two will follow in separate posts.)

NYT Sunday Puzzle - October 28, 2012

Title: What the….

All the theme answers have the THE sound added to one of the words in common phrases or names thereby creating silly phrases.

23A. “Come on, woman, shape that wood!”? = Lathe, Lady, Lathe
38A. Cheerful superhero? = Captain Blithe
52A. Take a patient approache to revenge? = Wait and seethe
71A. One who stop giving to their church? = Tithe breaker
89A. Softly exhale cheap sentiment? = Breathe cheese
101A. Mad scientist’s sadistic exclamation upon attacking the Empire State? – Writhe, New York
119A. What the Grim Reaper’s backup carries?= Scythe of relief
15D. “If you don’t like my anger, do something about it”? = Soothe me
76D. Hate coke?= Loathe blow


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