NYT Thursday Puzzle – March 7, 2013

NYT Thursday Puzzle - March 6, 2013

The key to the theme is found in 35-Across: Third base, in baseball lingo…or a hint for answering either other clues in this puzzle. Answer: Hot Corner. So, the across and down answers in the four corners of the puzzle can be preceded by the word “hot.”

1A. Difficult situation = (Hot) Potato
1D. Snacks in the frozen food aisle = (Hot) Pockets

7A. Chili = (Hot) Pepper
12D. Lover of souped-up engines + (Hot) Rodder

43D. It’s hard to score = (Hot) Ticket
63A. Real good-looker = (Hot) Tamale

42D. Spicy pretzel dip = (Hot) Mustard
64A. Showed off = (Hot) Dogged

I finished this puzzle quite easily though I nearly had one mistake. For 8-Down. Outer: Prefix, I first put in ENT, but then changed it to ECT. That also corrected 15-Across. Dan who drew “Archie.” Answer: DeCarlo.


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