NYT Sunday Puzzle – March 24, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - March 24, 2013

Title: You’ll Know It When You See It

This is one of those puzzles that I hadn’t expected to finish much less get it entirely right. I started it Saturday evening (puzzles are usually available at 6 p.m.), worked on it a bit on Sunday, had about three-quarters of it filled in but was having trouble going any further and didn’t take it with me when we went into the city that evening. We did our seder Monday evening and came back to NJ Tuesday morning. I decided to give the puzzle a quick last look to see if I could fill in anything else. Next thing I know, answers are suddenly coming to me, I’ve completed it and, miraculously, it’s all correct!

The theme answers are responses by famous people to “the classic question” (67-Across), “What is art?”

24A. Answer to 67-Across, per John F. Kennedy = “A great Democrat”
32A. Answer to 67-Across, per Yeats = “But a vision of reality”
49A. Answer to 67-Across, per Malraux = “A revolt against fate.”
88A. Answer to 67-Across, per Beethoven = “Selfish and perverse”
107A. Answer to 67-Across, per Nietzsche = “The proper task of life.”
116A. Answer to 67-Across, per Emerson = “A jealous mistress”

A few interesting answers:

38A. River of Phoenix. Answer: Gila. I didn’t get this immediately but should have since back in the mid-1980’s during a cross-country car trip, we actually stopped in the town of Gila Bend. We had lunch at the Space Age café which was supposed to have “the best” a.c. in town. Well, that meant an interior temperature of around 85 when it was 100 outside.

60A. 1994 film based on an “S.N.L.” skit. Answer: It’s Pat. I’ve rarely watch S.N.L., so I didn’t know what the skit was, and I’ve never heard of the movie.

83A. KNO3, in Britain. Answer: Nitre. Totally clueless on this one.

124A. Whoopie’s role in “The Color Purple.” Answer: Celie. I’ve never seen the movie.

55A. Director Wenders. Answer: Wim. I’ve never heard of him. This answer crossed the answer to the S.N.L. clue, which made that section difficult to fill in.

112D. Prince in “Troilus and Cressida.” Answer: Ajax.

68D. Greek Goddesses of the seasons. Answer: Horae.

25D. 1804 symphony that includes a funeral march. Answer: Eroica. Beethoven’s Third is my favorite of his symphonies. The funeral march is in the second movement. Powerful and moving!


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