NYT Sunday Puzzle – May 5, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - May 5, 2013

Title: Crunch Time

The word “crunch” in the title immediately indicated to me that the theme answers would involve a rebus, i.e., more than one letter to a square.  It didn’t take me too long to figure out that they were the three-letter abbreviations for the days of the week.

23A. Early entrepreneurial efforts = LeMONade stand
28A. Florentine attraction = StaTUE of David
43A. Food to go? = SteWED prunes
69A. Birthplace of Harry Houdini = BudapesT Hungary
93A. Big name in feminism = Betty FRIedan
110A. Just makes the 7:47, perhaps – CatcheS ATrain
118A. Does spy work = GoeS Under cover

In the category of “things I didn’t know”:

2D. French pantomime character. Answer: Pierrot

18D. Alberta’s largest city, named after an animal. Answer: Red Deer

81A. “Friends” co-star. Answer: LeBlanc. I’ve never watched the show.

90D. World’s largest exporter of bananas. Answer: Ecuador

102D. Sleep problem, in Britain. Answer: Apnoea. Of course, I’m familiar with (sleep) apnea but not the correct British spelling. I first had an “a” instead of on “o.”


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