Strawberry Picking 2013 at Battleview Orchards

I mentioned previously that strawberry picking at Battleview Orchards was scheduled to begin on Sunday, May 19th.  Mother Nature, however, had a different plan since Sunday’s weather was rainy and chilly. Yesterday, I had other things to attend to.  So, I headed over to Battleview this morning. It’s actually more like summer than spring today — that is to say, HOT!  After I finished picking, I stopped into Battleview’s market to pick up a few things.  On the way home, my car thermometer was reading 85!

As you can see, the strawberries are gorgeous!  3.480 lbs. @$3.25/lb. = $11.31. Luscious homemade strawberry ice cream is definitely in our immediate future!

Strawberry Picking 2013 at Battleview Orchards


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