NYT Thursday Puzzle – June 6, 2013

NYT Thursday Puzzle - June 6, 2013

The theme is provided by 66-Across: Quarrel… or a feature of five answers in this puzzle. Answer: Falling O[ut]. All the theme answers consist of two-word phrases where the second word is OUT. The “O” immediately follows the first word, but the “UT” take a 90-degree turn downward. Ergo, OUT is “FALLING.” Cute!

16A. Explain in detail = Spell O[ut]
19A. Begin a journey = Strike O[ut]
25A. Discovers = Ferret O[ut]
65A. Relax = Chill O[ut]

I was shocked at how easy this puzzle was and how quickly I finished. Under an hour – which is excellent for me. I actually figured out the 90-degree angle thingy well before I filled in 66-Across. There weren’t many challenges with the rest of the puzzle. The few answers I didn’t know directly I was able to get by filling in the surrounding ones.

55A. Hoopster Ming. Answer: Yao. I don’t follow basketball.

69A. Doc Brown in the”Back to the Furture” films. Answer: Emmett. I saw the first one but didn’t remember the character’s first name. I don’t think I’d have known his last name either though I do know the name of the actor who played him: Christopher Lloyd.


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