NYT Sunday Puzzles – June 9th and 16th, 2013

Both these puzzles were a challenge for me, so I was shocked and pleased that I was able to finish them without any mistakes.

NYT Sunday Puzzle - June 16, 2013

Title: Question Box

This puzzle included the following note: “When this puzzle is done, take the answers to the 10 starred clues and arrange them across and down in crossword fashion in the central 5×5 box. Due to software limitations, Across Lite and our other apps can only accept one solution, but two possibilities exist. The resulting five-letter word spelled out diagonally by the circles will answer the question asked at 23-, 34-, 91, and 107-Across.”

Riddle: If a giraffe has fourteen/ more than a walrus and/ a squirrel has half as/ many as a pig, what are they?

Answer: TEETH

NYT Sunday Puzzle - June 9, 2013

Title: Fast One

This puzzle included the following note: “Complete the puzzle. Then connect the circled letters alphabetically from A to S to get an imaged related to the puzzle’s theme.”

Theme: Secretariat

The clue to the theme was provided by 64-Across: 95-Across who made the covers of Time, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated in the same week.

13D. What 64-Across holds in the three legs of 46-Down = All time record
31A. Like 64-Across, in sports annals = Celebrated
37D. Straightaway for 64-Across = Home stretch
46D. What 64-Across won on June 9, 1973 = The Triple Crown
90D. Victory wear for 64-Across = Wreath
95A. Time and Newsweek’s cover description of 64-Across = Super Horse
98A. Bold Ruler, to 64-Across = Sire


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