NYT Thursday Puzzle – June 20, 2013

I didn’t have time to work on this or Wednesday’s puzzle because we were in the city and were busy both days. So, I put the printed copies on my clip board. When I finally set out to work on them, I didn’t realize that I’d put Thursday’s on top instead of Wednesday’s. So, without looking at the date, I presumed I was doing Wednesday’s though I do recall thinking that it seemed a bit difficult for a Wednesday puzzle. It was only after I completed it and removed to sheet from the clip board that I saw the date. I guess, then, one might say that for a Thursday puzzle, this one was pretty easy.

NYT Thursday Puzzle - June 20, 2013

Theme: Rags to Riches

An eight-word ladder beginning with POOR (1-Across. Start of a word ladder whose first and last words are suggested by 36-Across) and ending at 65-Across: RICH. 36-Across is the clue to the theme: Lucky lotto participant = Instant winner.

5A. Pool
9A. Poll
24A. Pole
48A. Role
63A. Rile
64A. Rice


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