NYT Thursday Puzzle – June 27, 2013

NYT Thursday Puzzle - June 27, 2013

Theme: Baseball-related two-word phrases where the “S” at the end of the first word (it’s actually apostrophe “S”) also shifts to begin the second word thereby forming another common phrase.

20A. California baseball player’s pound? = Giant’s quid
26A. Missouri baseball player’s connection? = Cardinal’s in
45A. Michigan baseball player’s rubbish? = Tiger’s tripe
55A. Pennsylvania baseball player’s joint? = Pirate’s hip

While this was, overall, a pretty easy puzzle for me – the fact that I know the names of baseball teams helped — I got stuck finishing because I didn’t know the answers to 5-Across or 6- and 7-Down. After putting the puzzle aside for several days, I managed to fill them in though not sure they were correct. Checked Rex Parker and found they were.

5A. Apple grower? Answer: Beatle. This clue had me completely stumped even after getting the answer. Enlightenment came via one of the commenters on Rex Parker who explained that Apple is the name of the Beatles’ record company.

6D. La Salle of “Coming to America.” Answer: Eriq I’ve not seen the movie and am not familiar with this actor.

7D. Aleutian Island. Answer: Attu. Fits the category, “You learn something new every day.” Easily got the “ttu.” It was obvious the first letter was going to be a, e, i, o, or u. The “a” crossed with the “a” in Beatle.


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