At Home: July 4th Barbecue for Two

Jen and Louis decided not to come out to the house, so it was just Michael and me. We decided to have ribs rather than franks. I prefer baby backs, and the recipe I use is Barbecue Ribs Missouri-Style from The Thrill of the Grill, by Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby. It’s very easy and always turns out great!

The ribs are dry-rubbed, baked in the oven at a very low temperature (180 degrees F.) for three hours, and finished on the grill where they are basted with a wet mix.

Missouri-style Baby Back Ribs

Missouri-style Baby Back Ribs

Missouri-style Baby Back Ribs

Missouri-style Baby Back Ribs

We add barbecue sauce at the table. I like homemade (I use various recipes) while Michael’s favorite is bottled Jack Daniels Original No. 7.

We started the meal with Cold Beet Borscht garnished with chopped cucumber and radish.

Cold Beet Borscht

Sides were Busch’s Baked Beans and Clairmont Diner Health Salad. Michael’s mother gave me the health salad recipe many years ago.

Busch's Baked Beans

Clarimont Diner Health Salad

Missouri-style Baby Backs & Clairmont Diner Health Salad

I drank lemonade (my favorite is Paul Newman’s) while Michael had a Cherry Coke Zero.

Lemonade and Cherry Coke Zero

Instead of a proper dessert, I finished with some walnuts and a piece of dark chocolate. Michael had a scoop of my homemade Strawberry Ice Cream. We’re pretty much down to the last of the batches from the strawberries I picked.

Home Made Strawberry Ice Cream

Because the weather has been so beastly humid, we’ve been staying indoors. However, by 8 p.m., when we were ready to eat, the mugginess had subsided enough to make dining al fresco comfortable.

As we ate, we were “serenaded” by the sounds of exploding firecrackers. This despite the fact that it’s illegal in NJ for individuals to set them off. We weren’t sure exactly where they were being exploded – definitely not our next-door neighbors – but the blasts came from different directions and were loud enough to be from back yards fairly close to ours.

Click here to view the set of photos from this barbecue on my Flickr.


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