NYT Sunday Puzzle – July 28, 2013

NYT Sunday Puzzle - July 28, 2013

Title: Fast Work

Theme: 150th Anniversary of Henry Ford’s birth (5-Down: Business titan born July 30, 1863)

Theme answers are related to his invention of the Model T (116-Across: 5-Down Unit). The filled in circles = “building” a Model T.

62A. Like the 116-Across = Mass Produced
57D. 5-Down innovation = Assembly line
16D. Feature of 57-Down = Conveyor belt

This was a pretty easy puzzle. We were in the city on Saturday. I started working on it at 6 p.m., filled in most of it in about an hour, went out to dinner, and finished the rest when we got back.

A few interesting answers:

21A. Old TV component. Answer: Triode. I’ve heard of a diode tube but not a triode.

24A. Corrects. At first, I wrote in “amends” but on second thought realized it means “changes” or “adds.” So, I quickly made a correction to the correct answer: emends. Not a commonly used word.

76D. Space rock, maybe. Answer: Meteoroid. New to me. So, how does it differ from a meteor or a meteorite? Via a bit of research: a meteoroid is found in outer space, a meteor is the same thing except it’s in Earth’s atmosphere, and a meteorite is also the same thing except it has fallen on Earth.

94D. “The Big Bang Theory” co-creator Chuck. Answer: Lorre. Never watched that sit-com. Peter Lorre (the actor) I know but not this Chuck. Turns out, I’ve watched a couple of other shows he created: “Cybil” and (in its very early days) “Roseanne.”

Note: Although nobody can dispute the important contribution Ford made, the fact that he was virulently anti-Semitic is thoroughly reprehensible.


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